Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What Fall Means to Me

September 22, 2013 has come and gone but brought with it the season of Fall.  One of my favorite seasons...quickly replacing Winter as my favorite season.  You see, when we moved to Boise, ID, I thought that we would have tons of snow in the winter...not so.  In Rexburg, ID, the only place in Idaho I had any prior experience with got loaded with snow and ice in the winter and I was one of those crazy people who loved it.  Ohio gets tons of least 5-6 snow days could always be counted on!  Boise on the other hand gets such mild winters.  Snow might come but melts because of the sunshine. Winters here are not great.  Thankfully, Fall can always be relied on - regardless of the state.  Because no matter where you are, leaves fall off the trees, the temperatures do break and holidays are right around the corner.

What Fall Means to Me
jeans and boots
cuddling under down-filled blankets in front of the fireplace
use of our hot tub
pumpkin patches and corn mazes
family photo shoots
hot chocolate for breakfast
greens, reds, oranges, yellows and browns
the start of my fav shows: parks and rec, the amazing race and the voice
crafts spread all over my family room floor
time to start thinking about christmas gifts
hanging out in shorts and fuzzy wool socks and hoodies
earlier nighttime=less busy=more sleep= happier in the am
music like lorde, dmb, ani difranco, mumford&sons, tracy chapman
warm cup of soup
packing away the pinks and bringing out the reds

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