Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weight no More

Punny, huh?  So, I am fed up with putting my fitness and health on the back burner.  In my youth I was always active - always had to watch my weight but never really struggled to stay where I wanted.  However I allowed marriage, pregnancy and a busy lifestyle to really be excuses to hold on to weight and not be in great shape.  I do not want to go on and on about how I've felt, what motivated me or anything but I am making some great changes this week and am excited!  I am going to be accountable to a coach, take supplements for cleansing, vitamins and energy, i am planning and prepping my meals a week prior and am going to start working out 6 times a week.  I am going to see results and I am going to love how I feel and how I look.  Just wait and see!  ;)

these women don't even know it but they inspired me and i feel i must give them internet credit.

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