Saturday, August 31, 2013

How did that happen!?

So late last night as Dust was watching football I decided to update the blog.  Oh it was funny.  You would have laughed...i was about 6 paragraphs deep and decided to add photos in the corresponding paragraphs.  I hit SAVE and guess what?  Somehow or another I deleted all of the text.  The photos saved so that's how I'm leaving it.  Must have been meant to be.  But trust me, it was the best one ever.  *chuckle*  In the meantime, enjoy the photos and just imagine what they were about.
Paris's 19 mo check up = healthy and adorable still
Signed up to feed the missionaries.  Make these delicious steak enchiladas and got stood up.  By the missionaries.  LOL
Silly!  My eyes are bloodshot from iLasik surgery.  20/20 vision and loving it!
Grandma Martin (Ba-Ba) brought Paris her rocking chair and rocking horse from when she was 1.  Paris loves both and I am grateful to have them to share with my child.
First In-N-Out burger.  She pretty much ate the entire thing...and of course wanted more.
We went on a DQ kick for a week or so...we've stopped but they were Paris's glory days.
Paris has one friend: Elly.  We get together as often as possible but just this weekend they really formed a friendship.  They loved snuggling and Paris loved kissing her and patting her back.  They have a lot of facial similarities.
Spirit of Boise this weekend.  So pretty watching the hot air balloons lit up at dark.

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