Thursday, August 15, 2013


Does anyone else have a hard time coming up with a Post title or subject line?  I feel so much pressure when i am writing an email to sum it all up in a few words for a subject.  I get so funny about them that eventually I just title it "Hello" 99% of the time.  I'm strange and I know!  A lot has been happening - as always - in our life.  A lot of good and a bit of bad.

  • Went on a week long relaxing and fun vacation to Lake Tahoe.  I had no idea of the beauty that would be found there.  Beaches as far as the eye can see, deep blue water clearer than Hawaii's, mountains to hike and yummy old fashioned ice cream parlors along with stretches of casinos and shops.  Great vacation with Mr. Wright, Little Peanut, Mom and Dad, Emily and Taylor.  That leads me to another good...
  • My mom and dad and cousin Taylor came to visit us for 3 weeks!  You may think whoa that is too long...but for me, its never enough.  I love sharing my life with my family and welcome ANYONE to come enjoy our great life, house and company in Idaho!  Idaho is awesome and I can't imagine living anywhere else. Although we would have greater business opportunities elsewhere, I want to raise our children here.  
  • I got iLasik eye surgery!  It is a miracle.  Period.  
  • Paris is becoming her own little self.  She's always had a dynamic and strong personality but geez this girl is too much.  She is maturing in leaps and bounds this past month.  Her vocabulary has doubled possibly tripled and she is so confident!  I swear I have the most adorable child there ever was.  Have you seen this girls eyelashes and coy smile?  She is still such a tease and way too observant for her own good.  Love her to pieces.  
Well just ran out of time! Goodnight!

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