Saturday, May 18, 2013

The right time!

Finally!  That day has arrived!  That day where I have no obligations, the sun is shining and putting me in a mood that cannot be brought down and it is MY time.  P is napping and so is her daddy so I have a good 2 hours and our blog is the first thing I want to update.  Then I'll think about working out and painting my toenails.  By that time everyone will be up and I'll be back to mommy mode.  So here is a recap of our lives.  (I mainly do this for journalism purposes...not because our lives are super exciting and interesting to read about! haha)
Dusty  He turned 30 almost a month ago.  He had been anticipating it so much with a bit of anxiety but he entered his 30's like a champ!  I had planned a Murder Mystery dinner and it was a huge success.  Success=Dusty enjoyed his birthday and loved being around family and friends.  We also celebrated the day after with family, presents and leftover pasta and cake.  I got him his dream watch- one he has been wanting for about 6 years.  I haven't seen it off his wrist.  Anyone want his other 20+ watches?!?
He has been teching a little bit more.  Our main tech moved out of state unexpectedly so Dusty took over his routes and trained a new technician.  Because we are growing so quickly, we are finding that we still need him being able to tech part-time.  He is excited because he feels that he is ready to hit the doors again selling for us.  Anyone who knows Dusty knows he is the best at sales.  It'll be great to grow Green Guard even faster with him obtaining good customers and he will come home every night with fun stories and pride.
I was reading Parenting magazine today and it was all about dads- with Father's Day coming up shortly and all.  As i read, I just realized more and more how lucky Paris is to have him.  He is 100% interested in every tooth that cuts through, what she is eating, her hair and outfits and he gives her such happiness.  He wrestles around with her, tickles her, reads to her, helps her fold her arms for prayer and changes the majority of her messy diapers.  We both agree how amazing it is to own a business because it allows him the flexibility of working his own hours and that enables him to be more of a role in her everyday life.  So proud of my husband.
Us   We love (and don't miss an episode) of The Voice.  Its our time and we live it up.  Snacks, ice cream, cookies galore on those two nights. Our clothes are not thanking us!  With so much going on in our life, its nice to have a hobby we both enjoy and just sit together cuddling on the couch with Ben and Jerry's like we did when we were dating.  We have booked a couple vacations this summer: Lake Tahoe with my parents and Gram and Las Vegas (just the two of us!)!  We are wanting to get to Disney World again this fall/winter too.  Of course it is a priority to get back to Houston to see Jordana, Andy and the girls and also Ohio.
Jenna  Just finished my second to last semester of school!  I have 11 credits to go and then I'll have earned my Bachelor of Health Science with a minor in Sociology.  Can't wait to be done.  I've been lucky enough to be able to take classes online which allows me to still manage our business and care for Paris and Belle.  I've really been itching to get outside lately and the weather is cooperating!  Paris, Belle and I go for bike rides and walks pretty much everyday and I'm ready to get her in a little pool as soon as possible!
Paris  She is getting pretty particular.  With food - she knows what she likes and doesn't.  She is anti-diaper changes now (thinking we are getting close to potty training stage).  She is walking everywhere now.  I haven't seen her crawl in about 5 days now.  Still loves bath time and being held.  Loves helping picking out her clothes and is constantly asking me, while pointing "Whats that?".  She is a superstar when it comes to following directions.  I can say "please go throw this paper away in the trash can in your room." and it gets done.  I said "please put my flip flops by the front door with the other shoes" and not only did she get them in the general area, they were stacked on top of the other shoes.  he loves having all the drawers, cupboards and doors closed.  She does not "get into things" at all!  She still isn't captivated by toys or cartoon-y shows but enjoys looking in the mirror, talking, walking around, looking out the window, going for drives, eating and playing with my cell phone.  She still likes to be on the go but since the beginning of the month, she is wanting to be held in stores now instead of being in the cart or stroller.  She has 4 teeth now!
We've had a fun spring so far and can't wait for the summer ahead.  Zac, Dusty's closest brother in age, graduated from the University of Utah at the beginning of May. Seth, Dusty's youngest brother is graduating from high school this week.
Well as much as I love procrastinating exercise, I'd better get to it before my babes awake!  Cheers!

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