Friday, May 10, 2013

1 year + 3 months

Paris had her 15 month appointment and I am just now updating the blog about it.  She is now 1 year + 4 months + 3 days.  Why does time have to fly by so quickly?  She did a bit of growing!
She is now:
weight: 17 lbs 1 oz
height: 27 3/4" long
She is still wearing 6-9 month clothing (some smaller, some 9 month) and wears a size 1 shoe.  I have quite a few size 2 shoes but they just slide off, even if I lace them tight.
Her hair is growing fast and I find myself wanting it to grow out but then getting tired of it being in her beautiful eyes and trimming her bangs.
She still has a magnetic personality and appearance   People still stop me all the time to tell me how beautiful she is.  I am getting a lot more "she looks just like you" these days...although I still don't see a resemblance to me or Dusty!
She is talking all the time but not really pronouncing any specific words other than Mama, Dada and Uh-oh (when she "accidentally" drops things). She definitely is inquisitive and asks all the time (in her jibberish) What is that? and points to an object.  She is an expert at bird spotting and airplane spotting.  Moving objects catch her eye even if they are in her peripheral vision.
She is at the age in church where 3 hours is asking wayyy too much.  She is perfect in sacrament (perfect with snacks and an etch a sketch of course) and loves distracting people sitting around us by playing hard to get with them.  Everyone always wants to hold her and she'll make you believe that its ok but the second someone puts their arms out to grab her up- she bolts to mama.  Then I go to my Sunday school class to teach the 16/17 year olds and Dusty has her.  He says that a lot of that hour is spent in the hallway.  Then I get her for the last hour and it just isn't happening.  Temper tantrums and screaming abound.  So- to the hallway I 2 months she'll be in nursery and I am anxious for her to be around other babes and learning from watching them play and walk and talk.  I have a feeling once that happens, she will not be a baby much longer.  She is extremely observant and is a copy cat.
I asked Dusty if he could describe her in one word at this stage what would it be?  His answer was thoughtful.  She is always thinking.  My word is opinionated.  Although she cannot speak much she lets me know what she wants and what she doesn't.  I really like that about her.  She points or gets to something on her own if she wants it.
The other major defining trait of hers is she is a teaser.  In a grandpa busch kind of way.  love it.  She has been really into her tongue lately and wanting to lick me.  It is so funny and although it is indescribable on here, I will never forget that look in her eye and grin on her face just before she sticks out her tongue  and comes at my face with it.  I pull away and she cracks up and tries harder.  Such a fun little girl.
She is walking more and more these days.  Still crawls but stands up whenever we ask her.  She is surprisingly obedient.  Although she has a strong will, she usually does what we ask.
She is still a lap baby...always wanting to be held by us and on the couch with us and on our bed with us.... i love that about her.  I love everything about her!
Well next post i promised myself I would document more about what we are up to as until then...


  1. I can't believe she is so grown up! When did our babies get so big?

    As for church I am there with you...This is when going to church is just about being obedient. 2 months will go fast!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Angela! Much needed! =)