Sunday, September 18, 2011

Content, yet a bit complainy!

Wow, has it really been this long since I've posted something???  There is just so much going on in our lives that trust me, it is not because of lack of interesting things to write about. 

Me as a pregnant wife is not as glamorous as some make it.  I am not dressed cute hardly ever because maternity clothes are super dang expensive (tj maxx doesn't carry ANY!).  Also, who really wants to buy a ton of clothes that they hope they will never ever ever fit in again - ever?  Dusty is great though, he makes sure that I know that he loves my belly and he even once said "i like your body better this way"... thanks babe.  Untrue in every syllable of the sentence, but thanks.  Luckily I can still paint my toe nails and just last night I looked in the mirror, got minorly sad for how white I am this summer due to lack of bikini wearing and smeared self tanning lotion over my entire body.  P.S. it turned out great!  I use Aveda Sun Source.  It is amazing and I never am orange or streaky (I have only used it 2x in my life). 
As always, along with the so-so comes the wonderful.  I love laying in bed at night while Dust is playing on his ipad or while we are watching a movie or reading our scriptures and feeling baby girl performing circ de soleil.  She is moving around constantly at night and I love the feeling of being a mother already.  I love how my choices in food, exercise and moods are choices I am making for her as well.  It's quite indescribable how connected two people are who don't even know each other yet. 

Our pest control is doing great, good, okay.  Although I deeply enjoy staying at home working while doing loads of laundry, washing Belle, pulling weeds, refinishing furniture - owning a business is difficult when you don't have a go to person all the time.  It is also challenging managing people.  I thought that managing people would be where Dust and I excel...that is not the case.  Making executive decisions that affect others circumstances is a job I never want again.  Especially when those people are your siblings and friends. Of course we have a lot of "what ifs" such as:
*what if we would have stayed in Virginia one last year...
*what if we had a larger investment...
*what if we recruited a 10 man team...
*what if we ran the business out of an office...
*what if I were doing my dental hygiene instead of managing the office...

But, the summer was a learning experience and next year- watch out!  We are going to do things different and run our business in a much more organized and stringent manner.  (it will still be fun...actually more fun because we will be bringing in more $$$)

Owning a home, on the other hand, is a daily dream coming true!  I enjoy sooo much coming up with new ideas for bare walls and painting, then painting again and then deciding on another color.  I am absolutely alive when I am motivated by a good design show or by ideas of how I can make our bedroom a tranquil paradise through colors, fabrics, lighting and decor.  In some ways, I am finding what I love best.  I always thought I was a medically minded individual, which of course I am and i still cant wait to practice dental hygiene...but I am also finding that I do have a creative calling in life!  That is exciting to me because my whole life I (and everyone else) recognized how talented my older brother and 2 sisters were in the arts.  They could draw, paint, compose lyrics, write books, talk in a different language because of their extensive vocabulary, talk about music and authors because that is what they loved.  I figured since I wasn't really interested in those things, I would never spend too much time learning about them.  I would rather stick to toxicity, amalgams, virology and first aid.  But here I am, with an amazing camera that captures amazing moments in life and with a desire to own my own home staging company with furniture I designed myself!  Life!  (credit is due to HGTV for the majority of my initial inspiration!)

Speaking of which...HGTV IS COMING TO BOISE TODAY!  I have been planning and am taking my posse (consisting of Dustin and Emily) to it!  It is the filming of a new show: Showhouse/Showdown.  It is about 30 minutes from our home and I possibly could be chosen for a judge on the show and be on tv!  Either way, I can't wait to tour the houses and meet the host and 2 design teams from Boise...inspiration...take me away! More on that later! 

Off to make egg, lettuce and tomato breakfast sandwiches on sourdough for and the hubbs, look over my elbows and knees again checking for any orange spots, and choose my maybe-famous-today-on-HGTV preggo outfit and wear it with pride!

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