Sunday, September 18, 2011

Showhouse/Showdown with Bob the Bachelor!

Today was truly a dream come true!  I, as most close family members and friends know, am addicted to the HGTV network.  It is the only tv I watch - ever.  Fortunately we do not have cable...(which is how I'd like to keep it) so the only opportunities I have to watch are at the gym and at Mom and Dad Wright's house.  However fate made sure that I knew HGTV was coming to Boise!  I was browsing on Craigslist one day and found some wooden crates I knew I had to have.  They were only $3 and in Boise (about a 35 minute drive away).  So, one evening I packed up the pup and we headed down the long dusty roads to Warm Springs. As I was driving I saw a big RED sign that said: "HGTV is coming to our neighborhood".  You better believe I whipped that car around and took note of when and where!  Immediately I called Dust to let him know!  So yadda yadda..picked up the crates...drove home in the middle of a dust storm and checked out how I could be a volunteer!

So, it was today and it was awesome!  We arrived an hour early in hopes of being chosen as judges.  We were chosen and got the bright green bracelets to prove it!  As we were waiting for the show to end its filming we toured around the Harris Ranch neighborhood and even broke into an unfinished home (it was unlocked, how could I say no?!)  Then we all got rounded up with short people in front and tall people in the back.  Emily and I are 5'2" (on our tallest day) and Dust isn't Jolly the Green Giant either.  So, we got to stay in front!  Luckily- shortness paid off this time!  Bob Guiney (remember him from The Bachelorette with Trista and then being The Bachelor?)  anyway...He was the host and he stood right in front of me!  At one point he was giving the kids a hi-five and I held out my he didn't hi-five me...but that's okay- he actually had a conversation with me and then told Dust that he looked good a previous shot!  He is pretty funny and I loved his jeans.  They were Express.  Anyway, you will be seeing us on TV on Showhouse/Showdown sometime in November- I think Nov 21st.  Pretty sweet.

The judges got to tour both homes and vote which one we liked more.  Each designer of the house had a budget of $46,000.  For me it was no contest!  I loved the first home we viewed- it was white, grey, blacks and green with some natural browns and dark wood.  It was my dream interior.  The second house was a bit too retro for me- dark reddish wood, taupes, oranges and just didn't have much cohesion if you ask me.  However the living room was pretty artistic and color involved, which appealed to me.  So, I was in heaven and we were 2 of 30 people chosen to interviewed in the first home asking our opinions on the family room.  We walked around a bit more, then got t shirts and left!

We went directly to Lowe's where I had big plans to max out my credit card with DIY project materials, some new glitzy back splash and tall chrome bathroom faucets but came home empty handed.  What is it about me not spending money?  Wish I could spend it on things that really matter like more paint colors and area rugs instead of groceries and baby stuff!  (that was totally a joke)  Enjoy the few pics (photography was not allowed)! 
Me and Em and my perma-grin!

House B (my favorite)

During the break in...just had to clean up a bit!


A house I found I could probably live in...haha  LOVE IT!

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  1. So fun!!! I can't wait to watch you on TV! :) Make sure to remind me- because Mommy-Brain has turned my memory into swiss cheese. PS. You look FABULOUS!!!!! More pictures of the bump! :) xoxo