Friday, September 23, 2011

I think I can...I think I can...

So, as you can tell by the "blogs I follow" I am in love with DIY projects.  This is a new occurance since joining the blogging world.  I can't get enough.  As a result, I am constantly wanting (but not able) to dive into thousands of projects.  Here are a few that I cannot wait to do:

1.  Make an upholstered bed frame
2.  Paint horizontal stripes in our small guest room
3.  Learn how to and then make a Roman shade for my kitchen window
4.  Refinish in -vintage white-our dresser and our changing table for Little Miss
5.  Make the sweetest pumpkins for Halloween this year


  1. I think I better join the DIY blogging world too, what fantastic projects! I love the pumpkins! I want to attempt a Roman Shade too, I did buy a pattern a few years ago, but haven't gotten the courage to actually try. You look gorgeous pregnant! We can't wait to meet Little Miss!!!! Love ya tons!

  2. You should try the Roman shade first and then I'll try! haha