Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Always Up to Something!

A lot has been changing and happening in the Wright household!  Examples, you ask?

1.  Dusty and I are Green Guard's only employees now.  A downsize was needed and so we are it!  Dusty works every other day running the technician routes.  He is busy and teching is hard work!  He comes home exhausted but happy that he is able to maintain our customers and build relationships with them. I am running the office which includes scheduling routes, quality assurance, running payments, calculating and processing payroll, making sales calls, finishing up our 3rd quarter taxes and making sure we have happy customers!  It has been an adjustment not having Emily and Josh around- we sure do miss them!  Emily always found a way to work in the office and take care of I am missing her making me hot cocoa, helping me fold laundry and browsing my favorite blogs with me!   
2.  KP (dusty's best friend) is currently living with us.  He's been here on and off since the end of August and we are having lots of fun playing Settlers of Catan each night (at least 2 games a night).  Having him here has helped me not jump the gun on decorating our little girl's room since it is currently occupied! 
3.  I have been in the mood for CHANGE!  I don't know if it is because of pregnancy hormones or me getting stir crazy not seeing the changing leaves of the East but I am wanting change in most areas!  I even colored my hair brown!  Dusty and I went and picked out some paint colors for our bedroom and master bath!  (more on that later!)  We also got new bedding which is sooo luxurious and comfy!!!  We feel like we are sleeping like a king and queen! 
4.  Right AFTER we purchased paint and new bedding we found we also have to replace our bathtub.  Long story short: it cant be fixed and we get a new one!  and to top it won't cover it!  yay.  We are looking on the bright side and using this as an opportunity to upgrade it and up the value of our home.  (more on that later as well!)

Here are some photos to enjoy!
Belle enjoying the backyard.  P.S. She was not the naughty dog who chewed the fence board behind her.

Cupcakes for Settlers night!

Before photo of baby girl's dresser

Before pic...after pics will come soon!

Em won for her first time with the Longest Road!  KP wasn't happy about it!

Settlers!!!!!!!!!  We are fanatics!

A Happy Fall project I made for our coat closet door! 

Sugar cookies I made for Dusty's hard day. 

Dust surprised me with 2 dozen roses...just because!  :)

Our new down filled comforter, sheets and body pillow! 

Close up of fabric

Our new area rug in our bedroom that Belle has claimed!

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