Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Here I am sitting at work...phones aren't ringing...I've already checked my Facebook and email...still have an hour to go. So BLOG time!  Dust and I have been doing great at getting our Christmas shopping done early -mainly because we are moving right before Christmas-but it feels great to not have the weight of "what do I get for this person at the last minute?!"  I have been very proud of our organization and communication about Christmas gifts!  It always makes the Christmas season so much nicer when gifts are out of the way and you can focus on appreciating Christmas lights, listening to Christmas music, helping others and snuggling and drinking Stephen's hot chocolate!!! 

For those of you who don't know, we are actually packing up our 2 cars here in Centreville, VA and heading North to Ohio to pack up all of our stuff into a Penske (loved dealing with Penske!) truck and moving to the Wild Wild West.  Boise, ID actually.  Not sure how Wild it is there but I am definitely excited to learn how to ski and be around more family! 

Dusty's entire family lives out there with the exception of a brother and a couple cousins who live in Utah.  My amazing parents offered to help us drive our Corolla and the huge truck which is towing our Saturn so we would have travel buddies.  It will be so much more safe and fun!  We will be living with Mom and Dad Wright for a bit until we find a house/townhome or apartment!  I am so grateful for two sets of parents who love us and support us so much.  I definitely lucked out in that arena!
In order for me to be able to practice Dental Hygiene in Idaho I have to get licensed in that state (similar to how a teacher has to get licensed in every state she teaches in) and that includes taking and passing my anesthesia exam.  This is a subject I loved in school but it was never mandatory anywhere basically EXCEPT Idaho.  So, I will have to take an anesthesia exam (book and practical test) in Oregon in March. 

What to do until then?  ScEnTsY!  I have been a consultant for a year now.  I have had a party every now and then but now I am going to take is seriously.  It is fun and definitely rewarding both personally and financially.  There are so many successful women who are Scentsy Directors.  If I am able to have at least 3 parties a month, I should be able to be able to not work until I get my DH license.  By that time, I will probably love selling Scentsy so much that I won't want to quit!  Dusty has been amazing in this new found plan -he even designed me a personal website:  http://www.scents-candles.com/.  I am so proud of how many talents he has when it comes to technology.  It literally takes people months of work to put up a website like this that Dust got up in less than 24 hours.  He is amazing!  I also have my company sponsored webiste: http://www.scents-candles.scentsy.us/.  So, wish me luck!  If you're even remotely interested in becoming a Scentsy consultant- call/email me...I would love to talk about it with you!  And, if you would like to check out Scentsy- check out my websites!
For now:  The Moxie Christmas party is tonight and I cannot wait to try out the Macaroni Grill!  First time!  I love having an excuse to get dolled up and go out to a nice restaurant!  We'll post photos soon! 

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  1. Hi Jenna and Dusty, I know we will see you in just a couple of days, but I had a spare second today to update our blog and check yours out. I LOVE it!!! Very cute and thanks for the dinner ideas with recipes included!! Very helpful. If you could do that every single month, that would be great! Love you and see you soon.