Tuesday, November 16, 2010

To Send? or Not To Send?

Well the debate has begun whether or not Dust and I should send out Christmas card this year.  We have only been married for 7.5 months now so are we too new to send out cards?  I know that I always love hearing updates, especially about families who I grew up with who moved out of our church ward.  Examples being:  the Wrights! haha, the Headricks, Crawfords... it is just cool to hear what they have been up to and especially see photos! 
I am definitely a Shutterfly girl.  We've made beautiful photo books, our Martin family shared site, Christmas cards and even mouse pads from here.  They have all turned out really great!  My favorite gift though was a gift to my parents that Emily and I made.  It was a photo calendar.  I know they are quite popular now but when we made ours it was when they had just come out.  I think my parents loved it- at least they used it. I probably will be making one this year as well!  We have tons of D.C photos that will not be used- so why not!?  
Anyways..check out some of the cute Christmas cards they have!  I tend to prefer the red/green Christmas-y ones but they also have bright Happy New Years ones and a ton of different layouts!  Merry Card Making!

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