Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why am I always playing catch up?

Well, it has been a while!  But things are going great with us!  The move was a success!  We arrive in Boise, ID on December 23, 2010...a day later than planned because of treacherous weather in Wyoming.  Thank goodness my dad was super willing to drive our 16' truck on 2" of ice on I-80W!  Dad's are the best!  Mom's too!  We ended up staying two nights in a hotel.  Once in Nebraska and once in Wyoming.  Let's just say the hotel in Nebraska made the trip more enjoyable and the one in Wyoming...ehhh not so much.  Belle loved experiencing new places and was absolutely amazing in the car!  Could we ask for a better travel dog?  I think not!  And yes, we traveled 2,600 some miles in our Corolla and a moving truck with a tow dolly to pull our Saturn. And Belle, being the doted on Miss she is got the entire back seat of the Corolla!  bahhh hahaha.  We will be terrible parents when it comes to spoiling...I can tell already!

We had a great great Christmas with both sets of our parents!!!  How lucky are we?  To make a long story short, we went carolling, ate lots of Christmas cookies, had Christmas dinner at 10:30pm at night because we accidentally turned off the oven when we set the timer, exchanged amazing gifts and did a lot of game playing and movie watching on our projector.  I just have to add in here that I got two gifts that I wanted with all my heart: a black kitchen aid mixer and a sewing machine!!!! Life is good.  I am really to be a full fledged Susie Homemaker now!
A few days after Christmas my parents flew back to Ohio.  I am really missing them but happy for cell phones and that they are planning a couple trips out here within the year!
Dusty and I both started school again at BSU.  Within the same week of starting school we placed a bid on a home that we LOVED!  It was our favorite online and our favorite in person.  It was actually the first house we looked at.  We placed a bid that day!  We were told that there were at least 2 other bids so we went for the asking price.  The seller came back to us telling us to give them our "final and best offer".  I thought that was what we had done!?!?  So, we upped our bid and won!  :)  Our closing date is March 18th...but we should be closing within 2-3 weeks. Our favorite parts?
Dusty's favorites:  the 3 car garage and how large the master bedroom is.
Jenna's favorites: the bay window in the dining area and the 39 kitchen cabinets and drawers and 3 lazy susans!
Belle's favorites:  the fully fenced back yard where she can play all day!
(Pictures to come after move in!)

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