Thursday, November 14, 2013

Toddler Water Globe

In trying to stay as close to my goal in providing Paris a homemade Christmas, I came up with this cutesy idea!  It turned out pretty good and I just KNOW she is going to love it.
Paris is very observant...she always has been since day 1.  She loves looking around and identifying all numbers, letters, people, food, objects, toys, everything!  She is always pointing and rambling nonsensical jibberish.  But I know she is really identifying things in her own language.  I love the look she gives me after she sees something she knows.  She looks over her shoulder, smiles, says "Ma?", points and using her own language tells me what it is.  Then she smiles and moves on to playing.  I love that if anything moves outside, even if she is playing, she recognizes it and looks up.  She is just super aware of her surroundings and I want to continue building on her supernatural (kidding) ability.

I know she will love shaking this water globe, watching everything settle to the bottom and gradually as she is able to speak, tell me what she sees.
So, I didn't want to use any glass.  I didn't ever want to be worried about her taking it outside and dropping it on the sidewalk.  I just used a clear heavy plastic bottle with screw on lid.  Before I go on, I have to say that the last step is to hot glue gun the lid on.  No spills and no choking on tiny objects.

Heavy plastic bottle with screw on lid
Hot glue gun
2 strips of ribbon (because I needed to fancy it up) (i glued that on too)
Water (I did not fill to the top because then you couldn't see the floating objects on top)
1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol (to purify water)
Little items of interest to Paris: such as confetti, toothpick, cut up neon straw, pom poms, plastic letters that spell her name, a big number, candle, a plastic fish, a plastic mustache, buttons, coins, push pins, pearl beads, plastic glitter beads, paper clips, pebbles, & ribbon flowers

How to:
I filled up the bottle with water, added the items, drained out some water,added the alcohol, glued the cap on, tied the ribbon and glued it in a knot.
Ta-Da!  Done and Done!

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