Saturday, November 16, 2013

An Elephant Never Forgets

This is my last project for a while!  We will be leaving for Thanksgiving break to head to Houston to visit Jord and family!  It will be so nice to have the girls together,, be in warm climate and enjoy the delicious & festive cookings of my sister!
So I decided to use up some left over fabric and create a fabric memory game.  You remember the one that looked like this
But you know, the cards get ripped, someone takes a bite out of one of the cards or one gets thrown away ruining the entire, I made a fabric one.
I got a patterned flannel fabric and cut 20 - 3" squares, put in two layers of batting and cut 10 pair of 3" squares out of random left over (but still cute!) fabric.  I'm going to find a cute box and print out 'An elephant never forgets' and either mid podge it on or use vinyl.  Figured I'd name it that since I used elephant print flannel for the backs of the squares!
This project only took about 2 hours, including tons of interruptions such as spilled milk all over our new coffee table, Paris finding my lipstick and smearing it all over her face and hands, answering the phone hearing my mom and dad sold the house they had listed in Idaho and cleaning the kitchen from our dinner party last night.  All in all what I am sayin' is it was EaSy! Try it!
Elephants were appropriate, right?
Total of 20 squares (2 of each fabric)
Finished with the fancy Pinking Shears for a little flair

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