Friday, November 1, 2013

Homemade Quiet Book

A few months ago I made Paris a Quiet Book. I wanted it to just focus on a few basic toddler skills such as matching, attaching various materials, and counting. She has fun when she plays with it but I've realized I should have attached all the pieces with yarn so nothing would drop out or get lost. One button down already!  I had fun making it- mainly planning it.
Still need to hand stitch her name.
Bead counting
Apples go from basket to tree - attach with magnets.  Owl's eyes velcro on/off.
Velcro bubblegum (her favorite page) and tying the ballet slipper.
Money for candy
Button on/off flower tops and mirror with little hair clips for her to do herself.
Dress Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.
She can slip her little hands in these mittens. 

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