Friday, October 25, 2013

Vegas baby!

Dust and I (without mini me) went on vacation!  Our first alone time in almost two years!   We were there almost 5 days. Although we missed little Miss Priss we lived it up. We hardley took any photos because we were so busy but here's a few from my phone. We were able to see two cirque du soleil shows- Mchael Jackson and Zarkana. They both blew our minds!  Wow.  We ate at two buffets- MGM and Bucchanal. Yum. We spent plenty of time and money at the gorgeous casinos and when you see us moving to Europe you'll know we hit it big!  Lol. We jacuzzi'd the nights away and Dusty slept in without me ever waking him once. Lucky man. We talked with Paris every morning and every night. She had fun with grandma and grandpa wright!  It was such a wonderful time but there's no place like home. 

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