Thursday, October 10, 2013

Somewhere between Genius and Madness

So I used to be a Scentsy consultant.  For anyone who doesn't know what that is, click here.  Anyways, I am not one anymore.  I was persuaded to do it by my husband, the inventor of all things business.  I signed up, had a few parties, spent a pretty penny and stopped right around the time we moved across country.  However, I brought my inventory with me.  Boise, ID is Scentsy headquarters and trust me, everyone knows it.  Bumper stickers, business cards, open house signs galore!
To make a long and boring story short....I FINALLY figured out what to do with my warmers that I have been storing in my garage 3+ years.  I turned them into candle holders!
So, if you're done buying the wax, you broke the warmer dish and haven't replaced it, cut out the electrical mechanism (definitely make sure it is unplugged!) and throw a candle inside.  Light and enjoy!

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