Friday, March 1, 2013

13 Months & Shoes

So it is usually a 12 month check up but we have had so much going on that I was a month late.  Plus, I was researching a different pediatrician.  Paris's previous one was a little too laid back for me and it took us close to 40 mintues to drive there.  Too far.  I got a lot of recommendations for this new one and I can see why.  She is very laid back but addresses all my concerns in a non-alarmist and imformed way.  I really like her and she, of course, loves Little Miss.  Who couldn't?  Paris received 4 shots which she did great with.  She has a very delayed reaction to pain so I am finding out more and more how important my reaction is in her deciphering how she should react.

Here are her stats:
Weight:  16 pounds 3 ounces (3rd percentile)
Height:  27 3/4 inches  (not on the chart- too tiny)
Head:  17 inches  (50th percentile)

 So, she is still taking her time growing but again, the dr isn't concerned at all because Paris is showing learning advancements and is very aware and social.  Paris is now drinking a stool softener with her water to help her a bit and it is really helping!  So excited for the advice.  Paris is eating a ton everyday.  Seems like the bottomless pit.  It is nothing for her to eat an entire banana, fruit bar, 1 c. of peas, a slice of whole wheat bread and 7 oz of milk in one sitting.  After she's all done and very obviously full- she still asks for cheerios.  haha.  Dusty and I have a little snacker on our hands.  Her new favorite place in the entire house is the pantry.  She crawls in, pulls herself up and just looks around at all the food options.  She also is the worlds best vacuum cleaner.  She can find ANYTHING on the carpet and always reports it to mama.

It is so amazing how much joy she brings me.  Just sitting here typing this, I am smiling ear to ear thinking of how proud I am of Baby P.  She is not so much a baby anymore but her being little helps me to not be too sad about her growing up.  Lately at night I go into her room at night when she is fast asleep and just pick her up and rock her because I don't want her to grow up.  I am already missing those quiet moments she and I shared when she couldn't talk, scream, laugh and demand food! haha  I truly am enjoying each phase as it comes though.  Love being a mom.  Love being the center of her world and I know she knows she's mine.

Just have to post my new exciting purchases for Little P.  I love buying her clothes and shoes and best of all- she loves shopping with me for them.  She is so good at checking out shoes and giving me her opinion.  (not really- but I pretend she cares!)  Here they are!

which do you like better?  she got both but I am so torn which is cuter!

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