Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Proud parents!

Seems like each day Dust and I fall more and more in love with our baby girl.  I can't explain it...but I know most parents experience it.  Everyday she gets cuter, more lovable, happier and smarter!  She still likes her swing but her new favorite activity is walking around the house and looking at each object and hearing all about it.  I tell her where it came from, what it is and she loves it!


  1. HA....when I read that Paris like to walk around the house I thought that meant you held her fingers and made her actually walk...and then after a minute of wondering why I realized you are holding her walking around the house. HA ha. I guess I need more sleep at night. She is start to get some cute cheeks! She is adorable. Can you believe I have yet to see her in real life. Oh dear.

  2. haha...yeah Paris is walking now...haha hopefully we will run into each other this Sunday! She, Ryan, Sydney and Madilynn are going to be besties!