Sunday, April 15, 2012

Moving up and Moving out!

Since moving our pest control out of our home office and into commercial space I have been sooo invigorated with ideas of how to make our guest room an office too.  I would hate to lose that room as an office/workstation.  It has such great natural light, is a large room and is directly across from Paris's room.  So, I turned to Pinterest and found some "closet offices".  So, that is what I have started to do.  The doors from that double closet were already off because we painted and didn't want to put them back on because the closet was so large.  So, I have already chosen my colors (deep jewel tones in green, blue, purple and red) and moved my desk into the closet.  I purchased 4 of these bins from Target and they are huge and fit perfectly on the closet shelf!!!  I love them! 

In this picture it looks bright but really the colors are deeper than they appear.  Now I am so inspired to keep doing more and more stuff around the house...totally doesn't sound like me at all, right?  haha  Dusty is great about my obsessive behaviors with cleaning and organizing and now..decorating!  So, i decided to organize all my thoughts on my blog room by room.  
Kitchen:  make roman shade to replace blinds, seal tile back splash, bulk up our freezer with healthy, ready-to-go meals, replace white porcelain sink with a stainless steel trough and brushed stainless steel kitchen faucet of my dreams! 
Master Bedroom/Bathroom:  Paint the ceiling and walls, turn the sitting area into something functional, curtains? vs blinds?, master bath decor, throw pillows for bed.
Family Room:  fill photo frames with actual photos! haha, find an owner for our aquarium (haha), hang shadow boxes on gallery wall.

More to come as the wheels in my brain continue spinning! 


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