Monday, April 11, 2011

Looks like We Made it!

We are now officially past the 'newly wed' stage!  Its been 367 days since I married my absolute bestest friend in the Columbus, OH temple for time and eternity!  Neither of us can believe the things we have done, seen and accomplished in one year- but- what can we say?  We are super-humans!!!  
Dust has been pretty busy with setting up our business so I took it into my own hands to plan a small surprise anniversary day/evening.  I curbed (most) of his ambitions by letting him know we are to follow a strict $15.00 limit for everything. Haha  Joke!  
So I got home from the gym Saturday morning to a beautiful bouquet of roses and another sweet card.  We got ready and went to the Boise, ID temple and invited his parents to join us!  Of course it set the mood for the day and we had a beautiful time there together.  If anyone knows my husband, they know he cannot live without his fast of course we had to stop at McDonald's on the way home! (how romantic, right?) haha  He took a nap while I rushed around finishing a picture book I was making for him.  At 5:15 we left and ate at "our restaurant", The Melting Pot.  Yummy and elegant as always.  I had booked a reservation at The Boise Anniversary Inn.  He knew where that was so I blindfolded him and drove down different roads and made circles in parking lots to throw him off...but when we pulled into the parking lot he knew we were at the Anniversary Inn!  He's too smart for me!  Nevertheless I kept him blindfolded and did what any woman would do...Lie!  We had a great time great that we didn't even take 1 single photo of our evening or the gorgeous room I chose and had my sister, Emily, set up for us.  She plugged in some Scenty's for us with our favorite scent, Echo, placed yummy grapes in the crystal glasses and cut up cheese and crackers and displayed them beautifully, she lined the jacuzzi tub with candles and had our CD from our reception playing when we walked in.  Absolutely beautiful!  
So, bring on another year! 
PS: He got me the most amazing $15.00 (yeah right) gift ever: a Canon EOS 60D!!!  What I always wanted! So, get ready Kuna, ID...I will be ready in 1 years time to start up some photo shoots!  I just have to learn all the buttons first!  
Love my life.

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