Thursday, March 24, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

We closed on our house on 3.9.11 and we spent 3 looong days (and nights) making it our own before we moved in our things.  We painted the walls and ceilings (still have 2 rooms to do), tiled the kitchen floor, polished our cherry wood cabinets, did some purchasing of shower curtain rods, rugs and of course cleaning!!!  The wall color turned out great after a couple tries. The color that is on our kitchen and family room walls is one made up by my mother in law and me!  We combined 2 colors to come up with the perfect brightness and warmth!  Tiling the kitchen floor was the same story.  We purchased 10 cases of a tile we loved, brought it home and whoops...looked way too light!  So, took it back and got THE one!  We now are moved in completely.  Everything is out of storage and out of Dusty's parents garage! 
Neither of us expected to feel as much at home as we do.  This is truly our home and it feels great!!! 
Here are some photos!!!  The decorating is still a work in progress, but I feel pretty proud of what we have done so far!

Our wood chime all the way from Australia

 Welcome to the Wright Residence!
 Dining room table with our bay window

This is the most comfortable couch ever!  We love it and fall asleep on it every night!  The cherry wood on the bottom matches our kitchen cabinets perfectly! We were so lucky to find one we both love! It also serves as a great room divider between the dining room and family room. 
A look from the other side of the couch. 
We are saving up for an ivory mantle!

My favorite purchase!!! This mirror is so super heavy and matches our dining room table great.  The door you see in the mirror leads out to our fenced in yard where Belle sniffs around all day!  She is hilarious...for those of you who have not had the opportunity to meet are missing out on the funniest, sweetest and most air-headed dog ever.
This wall leads from the dining room into the kitchen.  My dad and I made this stand with the baskets!  A little piece of home!  It was Dust's idea to put the chalkboard up there so I could make all of my honey-do lists!  I have a great husband! :)

Our ceramic sink which I know will crack 50% of my glasses and dishes! From our kitchen window we can see the mountains!
Dusty's pride and joy!  He did such a great job!!!
The next 3 pics are of our master bathroom.  I didn't take a picture of our perfect two person tub!  It is oval shaped and we take advantage of it everyday! 
 Our AWESOME shower curtain!  Thanks Jord!!!! 

My favorite piece in the guest bathroom! And my favorite color wall: Olive wood.

I am in the process of starting to make our headboard!  Update soon (hopefully!)

We have a sitting room attached to our master bedroom where we have a book shelf, this plant stand and are in the market for a comfy rocking chair.  It has a lot of natural light and is so peaceful feeling.

Our closet.  Dusty has me beat with the amounts of jeans and sweaters...but I have him beat by a mile with shoes.  This is a third of what I get to choose from each day!  How I missed them!

More to come later!!!

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