Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Fun!

This weekend marked the third time Dust and I have been away from eachother over night since being married!  The first time was when I went on a great family vacation to Pagosa Springs, CO for 4 nights.  The second time was when Dust went on a work excursion to Hawaii which was only supposed to be 3 nights but turned into 6!!!  This weekend was my bestie Elisabeth's baby shower.  She and her husband are having a little girl- Bailey Ann.  I cannot believe it but they are due in 6 weeks!
Her shower turned out so beautiful.  She received a lot of the items that I am sure are pretty important when having a little seat, wipes, LOTS and LOTS of fabulous clothes!, a mattress, baby soap/lotion, big bows and headbands etc.  Did it make my biological clock start ticking?  ...maybe for just 30 seconds.  
Dust was amazing and had the entire house cleaned for when I came home...and he even left me a Ben & Jerry's in the freezer!  Although he did polish off my favorite: Chubby Hubby!
It was really neat because I called Dust on Sunday and he was super excited to tell me about this Google calendar he made!  He is the best.  It includes who does FHE each week, who is in charge of dinner for each day of the week (and it can link you to the recipe), any activities we have planned (including going to see Life as We Know It...again!) and our work schedules.  He downloaded the calendars to our desktops and voila...Another way the Wright's are keeping it together!  Love it.  Love him.  Glad to be home.

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