Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yoga Thought

Today at the end of yoga, I had about 1 minute to ponder.  That single minute produced one of my most profound moments.  So profound in fact it brought a few tears.  As I lay there in happy baby pose, eyes closed, breathing deeply, I got lost in who I am.  I thought about everything that has been joyful- from childhood to adulthood.  I thought about everything that caused me pain and therefore caused me to stretch beyond {what I thought was} my breaking point.  
I am so grateful for every single experience I have ever had.  Those moments where I thought I couldn't be any more at peace and the moments where I thought it would be easier to not exist.  
I am grateful for who I am because of what I have been through and because of the people who have loved me. 
I took a second to think who I would be if my past did not exist.  What the core of me would be without my history.  Then class ended and I have spent all day caught in that moment.  

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