Sunday, January 12, 2014

She is TWO?!

Whoa whoa whoa.  Time is going too fast now! I cannot believe that 5 days ago Paris turned two.  Two years of having her in our life 24/7.  Two years of not being pregnant.  Two years of Dusty being a Dad!  Wow.  I know that I say this about every stage she has been in, but I love having a toddler!  Paris is so much fun, such a teaser, loves to laugh and trick me, loves hide and seek, peek a boo, singing and Elmo.  She still loves trying on new clothes but not as much as a few years ago.  She now loves when I take her photo because she somehow figured out on her own how to open the photo on my phone and edit it in different colors... yeah, she also loves technology.  I am sure it is more common for kids now to be familiar with it but Paris does amaze both Dusty and me with how she can just figure our phones and iPads out.
She had her two year checkup and everything looks great!  She is going on week two of potty training and has done really good.  She hasn't graduated to just big girl undies yet but is in daytime pull ups and at night, diapers. She weighs (with clothes on) 22 lbs and is 30 inches tall.  Tiny tiny baby girl.  She eats non-stop so I have no idea how she is still so light.  We did switch her to a front facing car seat position and she really loves watching us talk and point things out to her.
She was a good girl this year and we basically celebrated her birthday all week.  She had two parties.  The first was the most fun with just mom and dad.  The second was with two of her playmates and their moms, us, Auntie Em, Uncle Seth and Grandma and Grandpa Wright.  We played, sang a few songs, played ring around the rosey, snacked, opened presents and ate cake!  She seriously blew out both of her candles on the first try and I was amazed but realized she is growing up.
So here are just a few photos from the festive party!  (My computer imported the photos in a sepia-toned preset for some odd reason and I didn't take the time to switch it back...kinda looks cool though.)
Awaiting her sprinkle pancake Birthday dinner
Balloons from G&G Wright
Happy Birthday to you Paris!
She had two slices of Birthday cake this year (and wanted more...)

Friends Woodland & Elly came to help her celebrate
She felt very special and loved
Clapping for herself after she smiled for the last photo!
Paris was so sweet that she let her friends help her open her gifts
One of her favorite gifts was a new baby doll and stroller.  She also received a karaoke machine, a lot of cute outfits, her very own personalized bath towel, a Minnie vacuum cleaner, art supplies, a special book and money for her savings account.

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