Thursday, January 24, 2013

 So here is our Princess's room!  She really seems to like it and points at certain things regularly like her mobile I made for her, the big flower canvas, her Paris name sign from Grandma Martin and Papa Bear and she loves taking all her stuffed animals off her reading bench and putting them back up on it again and again...  She really feels good in her room because she plays in her crib after naps pretty much until I go in to get her!  As I was taking photos she was crawling around between my legs and rolling (steam roller style) on the carpet.  I would eventually like to paint the horizontal stripes on her walls again like I did in her 1st room...but we shall see!  Dusty made me promise not to paint at all for at least a year since its a brand new house.  haha
 Paris's Room

I'd say that is the closest face to an angel's I have ever seen.  I cannot believe Dusty and I made such a beautiful and sweet little girl.  SO lucky to have her in our family and forever too!

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