Sunday, November 18, 2012

Update of Princess Paris

Well, I am almost 2 months past due for this informational post but here we go!  Paris had her 9 month appointment and everything went great.  She got tested for anemia (standard test), had her first flu shot, and got measured!
Height:  25" (1st percentile)
Weight: 14 lbs (1st percentile)

Still a wee one and probably always will be but that is great with us.  It is really a blessing because we see so many babes Paris's age and think wow they are so big.  Her being small is nice because she still is light enough to tote around everywhere and fits into the same clothes she wore months ago.  Time is standing still almost.  Her doctor is not concerned at all because her head is growing perfectly and her height to weight ratio is just perfect!  Two adjectives that her doctor used to describe her were social and active.  While Dr. Sandstrom was checking her mouth, ears and reflexes Paris just kept looking at her in the eyes instead of at me or the tools the Dr was using.  She said that social babies have good eye contact and Paris does for sure.  Whenever I talk to her she looks directly into my eyes instead of getting preoccupied with toys, other people or things around her.  She was trying to roll off the table the entire time and jibber jabbering away.

Now that Paris is almost 11 months old (HOLY COW), she is still the same size but is doing so much!  She is crawling around like a pro, eating lots of new foods and snacks (her fav is rice cups), pulling herself up, saying Mamamamama, saying bababa, recognizes a lot of words we frequently use and knows their meaning (such as bottle, night night, Dada, come here).  Whenever I ask her "where is Dada?" she looks directly at him and smiles.  She sure does love him!  Dusty is loving putting her to sleep at night and when he does she goes to bed a lot easier than when I do.  We have found that she loves routine and is happiest when we follow it as closely as possible.  This is what her schedule looks like:
8:30 Wake up
Eat, Play, Snack, Snuggle, Read a lot of books...
11:30 1 hour nap
Eat, Play, Eat, Play, Read a lot of books....
4:00 1-2 hour nap
Eat, do errands with Mama, go for walks, play,  read...
7:30 Go into room
say family prayer, read a lot of books, rock, sing and go to sleep to her classical music for 20 minutes.
She doesnt go into her swing much anymore, her favorite baby food is still peas, still takes off her socks as soon as I put them on, and she still cries everytime I walk out of the room.  She has had no trouble at all adjusting to her new bedroom and she gets a kick out of sliding around on her knees on the hardwood floor in the kitchen.  She is cutting her first tooth and boy o boy it is taking a long time to come in.  We are going on 4 days of it just peeking through her gums. 

I just can't get enough of her!!!  Here are some new photos taken today after the Boise temple rededication.
Could her eyes get anymore beautiful?
This is the "better check with mom if i can do this" look
Happy girl!

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