Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vacation was Amazing!

"A vacation is what you take when you can no longer 
take what you've been taking."  ~Earl Wilson

I don't think that I could have said it any better than he did.  I know I was so spoiled to grow up with parents who took us on vacation every year.  Every July we would go to either the beach in Florida or the mountains.  And it was great.  I could have never imagined just how GREAT a vacation feels when you are an adult.  Since Dusty and I have been married we haven't gone on vacations.  We've just traveled back and forth from VA to OH to ID and back to OH.  Usually for holidays.  Which as everyone knows is not the best atmosphere for quality time with each other or family members.  

This vacation however was perfect.  We vacationed with my parents and Dusty's parents and still felt like we were vacationing just together!
We went to Daytona Beach which has the most glorious sand.  It feels like silk between your toes and you dont have to worry about rocks, shells or sticks stabbing the bottom of your feet.  The water was a steady 89 degrees and plenty of waves to kick our butts.  We then went to Disney World and I got to see the Princess Castle for the very first time.  Breathtaking.  I know that sounds so silly but WOW...defintiely much more than I had expected.  We had a blast riding rides, shopping for Paris, going to France (at Epcot of course!) and watching the light parade and fireworks in Magic Kingdom.  

I truly feel rejuvenated.  I know now why my parents took a vacation every year.  Both Dusty and I feel the importance of it too... Vacations help you to enjoy life away and look at life at home much differently.  We are already wanting to plan another Disney vacation in November because we loved it so much and didn't get to see circ du soleil!   

It is great to be back home though!  We missed Belle, missed not sweating every moment of the day (from humidity) and are happy to see our business thriving and expanding daily!  I live such a charmed life. 

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