Monday, July 23, 2012

True Beauty!

Good Afternoon!  Finally sitting down to write a short but sweet blog post about Paris!
July 9- Paris eats baby food for the first time!  Her favs to date are carrots and peas.
July 14- Paris sat up for the first time all by herself!
July 21-- Paris has her first cold.  Runny nose, fever and cough.

She is entered in a Most Beautiful Baby contest!  So far she is winning...if youd like to vote, visit: and add a comment with Paris's name!  Thanks!  Voting ends at midnight on Monday July 23.

In two weeks we are going to be soaking up the sun in Daytona Beach, FL for an entire week!!! Can't waitttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the photo I submitted for the contest!  Love her- she is just so fun, snuggly and lovable.

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