Monday, November 7, 2011

Crazy about Baby!

Hands down I was given the most amazing baby shower ever!  Emily, Bridgette & Dori wanted to throw us one but I am not sure that Dori knew what she was getting into when she signed up for it!  haha  Emily is the most thoughtful, conscientious sister who always is trying to make my pregnant life easier.  Bridgette is the perfect mother in law who cares so much about other people that she often time forgets about herself.  Dori started out as our realtor and now is one of my most treasured friends.  Needless to say, the baby shower was so far beyond my expectations & even so far beyond what I've seen at other baby showers.  I feel sooo blessed that our baby girl is coming into a world where she is so eagerly anticipated, wanted and adored by all family and friends.
It was a Parisian Ladies Luncheon.  Everyone would agree that the invitations were so beautiful and 100% set the stage as to what to expect at the shower.  It was held at Bridgette & Dru's home on Saturday, November 5 at 1:00pm.  It was a cold but sunny day!  I had been feeling totally sick all week so I didn't get to go get an outfit until like an hour before the shower started!  That's why my hair wasn't done!

Anyways, I got there and the first thing I saw was fresh cut pink roses all over the house!  There were 100!  As I looked around I realized how much TIME and planning they put into this shower for me and just felt overwhelmed.  The entryway was full of flowers and a photo of Dusty and I on our wedding day.  In "Dru's previous office" there were decorations galore including huge hangings of France and photos of me as a little girl.  There were 2 books sitting on the table- one was a scrapbook and one was an album where everyone wrote advice to me as a mom.  How special.  There was an Eiffel tower and the cutest black and white damask table runner.  There were white porcelain plates and pink napkins that were rolled up like roses!

The food was to die for!  We had chicken salad on croissants, fresh fruit, a fresh chopped salad, three different types of cheeses with fancy crackers.  When you walked into the living room and kitchen area, the entire bar was covered with goblets that cute ribbon tied to the bottom with individual bottles of sparkling grape juice.  The cutest thing was that each bottle had a black satin ribbon that attached a pink shiny pacifier to it!  Then there was a glass water pitcher with fresh strawberries and lemons inside.

The dessert table was fabulous as well!  The cake was a baby carriage with cupcakes as wheels! Then a variety of chocolate and strawberry cupcakes that were decorated to the hilt.  White chocolate covered pretzels, opalescent gumballs and sixlets and white chocolate popcorn with pink M&M's in it....can I just say I probably gained 10 pounds in one day!?!

Games & Fun:
Everyone got there right after me and we mingled, ate and played really fun games!  The first was 2 truths and a lie about me.  Everyone had to choose what the lies were on the paper...they were pretty tricky too!  Another one was where each person had to cut a piece of ribbon to "fit perfectly around my belly" to estimate my size.  Most people's (including Bridgette's) was about 8 inches too big! However Gina's fit perfectly and Aubrey's was pretty dang close too!  And they've never been pregnant!   I was impressed! Then the last one was a story where we each had a wrapped gift in our hands from the hostesses and every time the words right or left were read we passed the gift accordingly.  It was so fun because our last night is Wright as we got to pass on that word as well!  We were passing fools!  So fun...everyone had a blast!
Then probably my favorite part of the shower was separate recordings on video of my family in Ohio.  First was a video from Aunt Kelly, Gayle, Olivia and Renae saying how much they wished they could be at the shower with us and how much they loved me.  The second was Aunt Laurie, Taylor and Carley suggesting names for our baby girl:  Grizzeal, Olga, Lily and Taylor (by Taylor) haha.  It made everyone crack up.  Then my mom of course brought the whole room to tears just by saying how much she loved me and was proud of me.  What I was surprised by was that she didn't even cry!  Then Gram got on and finished it up with lots of love and wishing she could be there with us.  It is definitely a video I will always keep.  After that we watched a clip photos of me growing up and some of dust and me.  Very special moments- while the video of Dusty and I was playing I got a little teary eyed again just thinking of the significance of this baby girl.  We are literally bringing a child into a home where she will be adored and taught and so smothered with attention that she will despise us.  I was also wondering how we would be as parents and what we can do to make sure she knows everyday how special she is to us.  It was just a really touching moment for me.

Gift Opening: 
Then of course the gift opening commenced.  I apologize for all of the photos, but I don't want my mom and my sister Jordana to feel left I included a photo of everything that we received.  Everyone was sooo generous and we received everything we could need for a newborn!  Thanks for reading my hugely long and unorganized post!  Enjoy the photos and imaging what Little Miss will look like in all of these ADORABLE clothes!!!!!!!
Cute outfits from the Gornies!

Both of my mother's picked out the same fabric but different colors! 
Our favorite white crib from Mom and Dad M!  Thank you!!!

Girlie Girl hat from Dori!

Thanks so much Mom and Dad Wright for our stroller!  Can't wait to use it!

Awesomely comfortable carseat from Auntie Jord, Bella, Aurora and Auntie Emily!

Love this!  Thank you Lee Ann, Caroline, Aubrey, Lauren and Tiffany!

Cutesy outfits from Kathy, Sue and Mom W!

Red from Mom M!  <3

Cupcake onsie in honor of Mom W's cupcakes!

Green!  I love it Mom W!

Summertime outfits from Hailey and Mom W!

Dori definitely knows how to dress a baby in style!

Glittery roses! can you go wrong here?

So sweet!  A newborn dress with cardigan.  She will definitely wear this a lot! Thank you Aunt Kelly, Gayle, Liv and Renae! 

Dress with matching tights from Kathy!

Confession:  I bought this for I didn't wrap it but had to take a photo of it! 

Ready to go kickboxing with Mama and Grandma W!

One of Dusty's favs: a robe!  Thanks again Gornies!

hahaha  Had to be from Mom W!  Belle will show it off til Little Miss gets here!

Handmade by Sister Erickson.  Even has an Eiffel tower embroidered!

Snuggle bug from Mom M!

Little Miss has 2 pink blankets that she is going to LOVE because they are sooo soft!  Thanks Sister Butterfield and Mom W!

Sam the Monkey from Gina and Ocean toys from Jen!  Love them!

Adorable onesies from Gornies and Sister Butterfield.  I love the bum ruffles on the kitty cat one!

Scrapbooks from Mom W

Only appropriate that Auntie Emily should get her her first books!  And stylish photo frame from Gina!

Dori is making sure our little girl has cute warm feet!

One of my favs of the day!  HAT!!!  <3 Dori

First pair of shoes from Mom W

Which side will she be on?  OSU or BSU???  Made by Hailey!

Headbands of every color!  Thank you Mom W
An infant/toddler convertible car seat that matches the colors of the shower!  Thank you Gram, Aunt Laurie, Taylor and Carley!!!

...and more! 

And I will be posting soon to show off what I purchased with the gift cards as well!  Thank you everyone who made our day just a perfect celebration of having our first baby!  


  1. Oh my goodness Jenna- I LOVE every single detail!!! The decorations were darling, the food looks delish! Oh how I wish I could have been there. Little Miss Wright is going to be dressed so sweet! She is one lucky baby girl to have such amazing parents! I can't wait to meet her! You are such a beautiful mom <3 Love love love you! xo, E

  2. Oh my goodness, Jenna! What a perfectly pink day! It looks like Em, Bridgette and Dori had so much fun preparing - so special for all of you to celebrate together! I love Mom's red outfit and Kathy's navy one bestest - peanut is going to have need as many wardrobe changes as a Broadway baby! Love it - thank you for posting! xo - Jordana

  3. All I can say is WOW! Looks like you had a great day! Thanks for sharing it with us through beautiful pictures. Looks like she is going to be the cutest dressed baby ever. Love you!