Friday, October 15, 2010

It is HeRe!

Almost...HaLLoWeeN is Dust's favorite holiday!  And this will be our first together!  Last halloween when we were engaged, I dont think we did anything. In fact- I think I had school until pretty late. This year we plan on putting together some sort of masquerade party because my parents bought us amazing masks when they were visiting New Orleans!  
However, we decided to kick off the season with pumpkin carving!  We invited over some friends- Tim and Kelsey and their new baby boy- Colton- and carved away.  Dusty's was very labor intensive.  But it looks awesome all lit up!  The pictures don't do it justice because it was too dark outside or something.  It literally lights up and glows from the inside because he shaved off all but the smiley face!  Kelsey made a traditional jack-o-lantern and Tim made a signature Moxie "X"!

One of my favorite things for pumpkin carving is baking the seeds!  It is always so yummy with seasoned salt!  So, more so than carving my pumpkin, I was going through everyones' goopy piles of pumpkin innards searching for the seeds to bake!  I put them on a cookie sheet, put them in the oven and......FORGOT about them!  So, pretty soon smoke is bellowing out of our oven and our fire alarm is going off!  So much for that!  I wonder where my mind goes at times!  haha 

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